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New Home Testing Models in a Post-COVID Environment

August 1st
Applications Open
November 6th
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October 12th
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New Home Testing Models in a Post-COVID Environment

Last year, teams explored the impact COVID-19 had on how and where medicine is being practiced.  Changes to patient interaction models, challenges with keeping our healthcare workers safe, and rapid deployment of remote testing have opened up areas of medicine that are expected to impact

how all medicine will be practiced in the future.

This year's theme builds off last year and is as follows:

This competition will focus on the rapid growth of at-home lab testing and issues relating to effectiveness, efficiency, and inequities to access that have been exposed.  Competition participants will propose a compelling business model where routine lab tests are performed at or close to home and include digital tools to connect providers to patients, methods to send test results directly to a patient's health ecosystem, and an evaluation of the impact the model has on under-served populations

The Competition will be open for all teams virtually on Nov. 6th, 2021

*Participants will have an impact on Danaher discussions about the future of remote testing post-COVID

*The virtual platform will allow more teams to participate, more time to prepare, and without the travel expenses.

*Top 3 Teams win $14,000 in cash prizes


The Case



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Online Learning.

Application Window

Aug.1st - Oct. 5th

  • Form a team of 4-5 people with diverse expertise

  • Free to apply

  • Submit one application per team

Application Opens

Aug. 1st

  • Complete the application via link on top of website page

  • Teams of 3-5 graduate students, with minimum 1 MBA participant is required.

Business Team Research
Business Brainstorm

Application Closes

Oct. 12th

  • Ten teams selected to attend competition will be announced Oct. 12th

  • Those teams will formally register and pay $50 fee to secure spot

  • Case will be sent to all registered teams

Case Competition

Nov. 6th

  • Compete via Zoom for the $14,000 cash prize & a chance at a Danaher Internship

  • 1st   - $7,250

  • 2nd - $4,250

  • 3rd  - $2,500

Zoom details will be provided

Online Workshop

What does a team look like?

Successful case competition teams must work together closely and intensely. Teams should be groups of 3-5 people from the same university (graduate students of which there is at least one MBA student) with varied expertise and experiences. It is important to get to know each other well and utilize strengths to execute tasks related to the challenge. Assigning roles and responsibilities thoughtfully, to ensure that the team can learn to communicate and collaborate virtually in the stressful case competition environment, can maximize the impact that a team is aiming for.

What are the expectations from the teams?

One person per team must confirm participation for the competition by registering on Eventbrite and paying the $50 fee. Teams will be notified of their selection by Oct 12th, 2021, and registration is required immediately afterward. Selection of teams is blinded and is based on whether the team has a strong understanding of the topic, knows individual strengths and gaps, and demonstrates the passion and commitment to envision an implementable solution.

What does the day of competition look like?

Check our day of competition agenda here.

What platforms will be used for communication?

Zoom – For the second time, the Danaher Case Competition is completely virtual and will be conducted via Zoom. We believe that Zoom provides us with features that will enable an easy and effective channel for teams and judges to interact. We recommend that every team member familiarizes themselves with Zoom prior to the event here

Slack – We wanted to provide finalist teams with an easy channel to communicate. This year, we will be using Slack to ensure a team always stays updated and can communicate with each other, and a case competition organizer, throughout the event. We recommend that every team member familiarizes themselves with Slack once selected and registered.

How do I meet people and form a team in this virtual environment?

We understand that this new learning environment can be challenging for those who are not used to networking online and making new connections. We encourage you to try some of the following ways to meet new people to help you form a team: - Sign-up to our mailing list so we can keep you posted of Case Competition updates - Attend your school’s virtual networking events, student organization virtual events, and happy hours - Express you interests to people on your Healthcare Student Club’s social media platforms - For Johns Hopkins Students, join the JHU Case Competition Team Networking LinkedIn page


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Spriha Modi
Project Manager
MBA '22
James Albino
Event Design Strategist
MBA '22
Shimona Lahiri
Marketing Strategist
MS Marketing '22
Emma Koramshahi
Design Thinking Advisor
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Ashmita Deb
Administrative Lead
MBA '23
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Wendy Rumrill
Assistant Director
OEL Office

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